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Software Developer

Hello! I'm Yadir Ortega, a passionate software developer with over 4 years of experience in creating web and mobile applications. Throughout my career, I've successfully carried out various integrations between systems, including e-commerce, ERP, LMS, PMS, and CMS.

Whether working remotely or in on-site environments, I've had the privilege of collaborating with talented teams at agencies and universities, where we've developed digital products for both commercial and consumer use. My calm confidence is complemented by a natural curiosity for technology, and I'm always seeking opportunities to enhance my skills.

Some of my most notable achievements include high-concurrency delivery applications and enterprise and financial software development challenges, showcasing my ability to deliver outstanding results. I'm excited about the prospect of applying my knowledge and experience to future.


💻 Computer Skills

HTML, CSS, JQuery,
JavaScript, React Native, Bootstrap, Progress ABL 4GL
Windows Linux MacOS

👨🏻‍🎨 Practical Skills

Design of Database

👨🏻‍🏫 Personal Skills

Leadership and training
Locate and fix errors
Planning and Forecasting
Management and teamwork
Autodidact and continuous learning

👨🏻‍💻 Workflow

Mobile-First, Responsive Design
Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
Cross Functional Teams
Agile Development & SCRUM



Yadir Ortega

Innovative and learning-focused software developer with over 4 years of experience in designing and developing web and mobile applications. I specialize in user-centered design and business concept development, guiding projects from initial concept to polished final delivery.

  • Medellín, COL
  • yadir.ortega.ca@gmail.com


Associate Degree of Software Developer

2016 - 2017

SENA, Santa Rosa de Osos, COL

Training and preparation for working life, specialized and oriented to all the basic phases of software development and the useful life of apps, including layout, development, testing and deployment.

Professional Experience

IT Development Coordinator

Apr 2023 - Present

Coopacredito, Santa Rosa de Osos, COL

  • Maintaining legacy financial software and developing new software, automating overnight processes, and backing up the main database.
  • Develop, test, and deploy new modules for the company's in-house ERP system.
  • Development of APIs for third-party integrations, coordinating and leading integrations with government entities.
  • Develop financial modules in compliance with IFRS and safeguard financial information.
  • Generate reports for the team, assign tasks, and deliver completed projects.

Software Developer

Aug 2022 - Apr 2023

Hoist Group, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Develop, test, deploy, and automate APIs for integration with hotel systems and tourism regulation systems.
  • Adjust, test and update modules for incidents, claims or complaints.
  • Automate tasks and processes in existing APIs.
  • Creation of a CLI App to automate and process financial statement data and generate managerial reports.
  • Translate and carry out the tasks sent by the employer until the end of the contract.

Software Developer

Jun 2021 - Aug 2022

Business Ecosystems Experience, Medellín, COL

  • Automation of tasks, data imports, and migrations.
  • Creation of warehouse and merchandise transport management and logistics systems, real-time tracking through a mobile app.
  • Development and integrations between e-Commerce and ERP systems according to the client's Core Business.
  • Delegate tasks to the 7 members of the design and develop team and provide counsel on all aspects of the project.


These are some of my demonstrable works in this portfolio, others are works for internal use of the companies in which I have collaborated.

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  • Own
  • For businesses
  • Collaborations

My footprint

Companies that have chosen me and in which I have left my mark.


These are some of the services I offer.

Software Development

Creation of custom applications and web pages, adjusted to the need.

Mobile Development

Creation of mobile applications and integration with your company's technology.


Advice for the implementation of technologies appropriate to your business.


Get in touch with me.

Medellín, COL